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Works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile


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Dev Kit

There is a bunch of useful and necessary features and services for developing

Authentication & Authorization

Azure\Google AD, IP and Client Certificate Isolation enhance security


Push notifications, emails, and SMS to keep everyone informed

Security Logs

Automatically track and report all security events like login attempts

Audit Logging

Automatically trace all operations, data changes for critical business modules


Supports multiple languages for global accessibility and user engagement


Easy sharing and advanced live collaboration tools


Role and organization units based permissions for precise access control

Control Delegation

Enables account delegation to other users for specified periods

Background Jobs

Manage critical operations with automatic error handling and retries

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Advanced Multi-Tenant Integration

Multi-Tenant Integration making it ideal for SaaS applications and businesses serving multiple clients. Offering extensive customization for each tenant allows for nuanced user and roles management, tailored organizational units, and a significant multi-company extension. These personalization features enable businesses to adapt the platform to their unique operational requirements, delivering a truly tailored EDI and internal portal experience.


Integration Platform as a Service

Custom-developed integration engine, enhanced with an extensive user interface, propels EleonCore beyond being just a standalone system. It facilitates seamless integration with both internal and external systems, including major ERP solutions like SAP B1 and Priority, and other EDI platforms such as Nipendo, Stornext, and MarketMan.

This capability not only provides unparalleled flexibility and connectivity but also solidifies EleonCore as a comprehensive solution for internal business operations.


No-Code Workflow Automation

The new No-Code Workflow Automation module offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily create and modify workflows without any coding knowledge. It's designed to streamline complex business processes efficiently, enhancing productivity and operational agility.


Approval workflows

Adaptable approval workflow is designed to align with diverse user roles and organizational structures. This versatility not only streamlines internal workflows but also enables integration into external web applications, ensuring a seamless and cohesive operational experience across various business modules.


Cloud Storage, File Sharing, and Collaboration

The EleonDrive module, part of the SaaS-based EleonPlatform, offers cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration capabilities. It includes features like device synchronization, robust security measures, seamless integration with other platform tools, and a user-friendly interface, designed to enhance data management and collaboration for users.


Collaboration Engine

The collaboration module in the EleonPlatform features integrated chat rooms and extends to support services with ticket creation based on chat interactions. Users can communicate in real-time, organize discussions by topics, and escalate important conversations into tracked support tickets for efficient issue resolution. This setup facilitates streamlined team communication and task management, enhancing productivity and simplifying processes.

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